Clinical Biobanking within the Parelsnoer Institute: scaling up partnership

Clinical Biobanking evolved from a research-driven collection process in decentralized research laboratories to an ICT-driven prospective collection of biosamples from patients in centralized facilities. The Parelsnoer Institute provides an infrastructure and up-to-date standard procedures for the establishment, expansion and optimisation of clinical biobanks for scientific research within the eight University Medical Centres.  At present nation-wide collaboration is accommodated for 15 disease entities for which biosamples and related clinical data of patients are stored, used and available for biomedical research to researcher within the UMCs. The PSI infrastructure and collaboration offers possibilities for every disorder wherefore collaborative research is desired. In addition, the PSI infrastructure provides a unique opportunity for expanding partnerships with external researchers and institutes for collaborative disease-related biomedical research.

Hein Verspaget

Dr. Hein W. Verspaget is professor in Biobanking at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). As a trained cell-biologist he started biobanking of biological samples from patients with gastrointestinal diseases in 1982. He performed biomedical research on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Colorectal Cancer and on Liver Diseases and Liver Transplantation. Nowadays he is head of the centralized biobank facility in the LUMC and national biobank-coordinator of the Parelsnoer Institute.


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