Game changers in clinical research: wearable technology and e-monitoring

With fast changing advances in technology, continuous monitoring of health, for example with fitness trackers, has become a daily practice and is nowadays available to all. Clinical research can vastly benefit from such developments by using wearable devices and smart online tools to closely monitor large cohorts of patients in a home environment. In the near future, these tools can be of help to remotely assess patterns in disease and predict disease progression, which can ultimately lead the way to personalized therapy and early diagnosis of complex diseases. The use of smart technologies for clinical research, however, requires a multidisciplinary approach and come along with a set of challenges regarding technical innovation, patient perspectives, regulation, privacy, security and costs. In this session, experts from academia, industry and public-private research collaborations will present their view on advantages and challenges in this field by exploring ongoing (clinical) studies that use wearable and remote technology in their study design.

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