Biobanking Data workshop

Facilitators: Erik van Iperen (AMC) and Ricardo de Miranda Azevedo (AMC)

Biobanks are an important resource for biomedical research.

Biobankers need to share the information about the samples available in their biobanks, and researchers need tools to identify samples or associated data to support their own research.

The BBMRI-NL biobank catalogue is a searchable database, containing information on all it’s the ca 200 associated biobanks. Researchers can search the collection for cohorts on specific disease types, GWAS data, types of biomaterials and so on, and send a request to the biobank coordinators to share data and/or materials.
The biobank catalogue is built to facilitate links to other registries and catalogues, like those used by BioSHaRE, LifeLines, PSI, TraIT and others.

The BBMRI-ERIC Directory is a tool to share aggregate information about the biobanks that are willing external collaboration, covering 515 biobanks with more than 60,000,000 samples. It is available both for external users and internal BBMRI-ERIC purposes.

During this workshop you will learn how biobank catalogues can provide insight into available resources and how a biobank or study can publish information about their collections.

You will learn how the MIABIS minimal information model for biobanks is used to build the BBMRI-NL catalogue and BBMRI-ERIC biobank directory and how this data standard can facilitate the effort to make biobanks in the Netherlands FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

You will also learn how to search for information in Biobank catalogues, including the PALGA’s Public Pathology Database (PALGA Openbare Databank), and about the possibilities of contacting Biobankers and requesting samples.


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