In this series of articles, we look back at the highlights of the parallel sessions that were organized at the 2019 Lygature Partnerships Meetup.

18 December 2019
Session: Patient engagement: how end-users can help you develop better medical products

In this session, speakers shared their experiences, each from their own perspective, with patient engagement at different stages in developing a medical product: from research & development to bringing a product to market. Read more

12 December 2019
Keynote lecture by Rogério Gaspar – European Science Policy moving towards a higher level of societal impact: what about health innovation?

The first keynote was presented by Rogério Gaspar, Vice President of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon. Read more

6 December 2019
Session: The path to open science

This session covered questions around why we should move towards Open Science, what it still takes to get there and how Open Science awareness can be increased, including practical examples and learnings of what is already being undertaken. Read more

29 November 2019
Session: Next-generation leads targeting neglected tropical diseases

As co-organizer, Remco de Vrueh from Lygature set the stage of the meeting by highlighting the pivotal role drug discovery plays in industry, academia and society in jointly meeting the UN Global Health and Well-Being Goals (Sustainable Development Goal 3). Read more

19 November 2019
Session: Successful integration of ethics and integrity in partnerships – a joint responsibility

The session ‘Successful integration of ethics and integrity in partnerships – a joint responsibility’ focused on the question of how to approach ethics and integrity in public private partnerships. Read more

15 November 2019
Session: Artificial Intelligence in medicine development – without the hot air

The goal of the session ‘Artificial Intelligence in medicine development – without the hot air’ was to dig into the real opportunities for AI for medicine development, with machine learning as a specific example of current use in clinical trials. Read more