Parallel session 10:00 - 12:00

Future topics for regulatory science

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Bert Leufkens, Utrecht University, Utrecht | download presentation (pdf)

Regulatory science has contributed in an important way in advancing the the development of new medical solutions for patients. Regulators, academia, industry and patients could work together in shaping the future with a shared understanding of the issues to be addressed. Building upon science based discussions, subsequent regulatory innovation will facilitate timely access to new treatments. Regulatory innovation is one of the core areas driven by Lygature in various projects (

The session on regulatory science at the FIGON Dutch Medicines Days organized by the Regulatory Science network Netherlands on Monday 2nd October will focus on presenting results of work done by several organizations.
The session at the Partnerships MeetUp will focus on collecting ingredients for a research agenda in regulatory science. In this session, perspectives from several stakeholders will be presented as building blocks for an integrated and comprehensive agenda. 


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