Parallel Session 3

Sharing resources: It’s time to partner up!

Together with the European Lead Factory and the Parelsnoer Institute

Partnerships appear to offer a magic formula for biomedical innovation – which is unsurprising in light of the complex and lengthy process involved in developing new medical solutions. A number of successful partnerships have moved beyond sharing knowledge and ideas, and have started to share proprietary resources as well. For example, the European Lead Factory aims to finding new drug candidates by sharing compound libraries. The principle is simple: finding a needle in a haystack is easier if you increase the number of needles. An essential component of such a partnership’s success is a balanced contract that generates win-win outcomes for all parties involved.
Partnerships clearly work, so it’s time to partner up and ‘Pioneer medicine. Together.’ In this parallel session, experts on biobanks, biomarkers, and biologics will first give short lectures on how to take shared resources to the next level. Participants will then have the opportunity to engage in a brainstorm session, exploring the wider potential of sharing resources within the Dutch biomedical research sector.

Confirmed speakers

  • Hein Verspaget, Professor Biobanking,  Leiden University Medical Center
  • ‎Alain van Gool, Professor of Personalized Healthcare, Radboudumc
  • Hans van Eenennaam, Chief Operational Officer, Aduro Biotech Europe

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