Parallel session 14:30 - 16:30

JIM session: ‘Transformation through collaboration’

How can we effectively address the major health challenges in modern society? How do we keep healthcare sustainable? How can we effectively make use of big data? How do we increase the chance to find effective new medicines? One of the answers includes transformation of current ways of working. This session highlights three tools in use for taking diverse players outside their comfort zones to jointly pioneer breakthroughs for the benefit of patients:

  • Developing a shared vision for healthcare transformation by co-creation
  • Establishing a stakeholder specific incentive framework for collaboration in drug discovery
  • Obtaining commitment to build a nationwide research infrastructure to empower personalized medicine and health

Illustrated by leading initiatives, the speakers will provide unique insights to how these models have already transformed the respective fields. Join the discussions and share your views on how we can empower new initiatives in our Life Sciences & Health topsector.

With initiatives driven from, and speakers working in, the Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile, this session is labeled a JIM session and is open to all.


Moderator: Nico van Meeteren, Health~Holland, Executive Director and Secretary of Topsector LSH

Philip Idenburg (BeBright): Diagnosis 2025, developing a shared vision for healthcare transformation by co-creation
With the involvement of an extensive group of stakeholders a shared vision has been developed to lay the fundament for change, needed to keep our healthcare system sustainable in years to come.

Gerrit Meijer (NKI, UMCU): Health RI: empowering personalized medicine and health research
Data, in all types and forms, and the possibility to connect these data, is the essential element towards the realization of personalized medicine and health. A large number of initiatives deliver the individual elements, but in order to become effective a shared infrastructure is needed. Health RI has been mobilizing partners to join forces to build this infrastructure and the shared service center needed to enable researchers to use it. The trajectory to get to this commitment contains valuable insights for further success.

Ton Rijnders (Lygature): Changing the game of Drug Discovery and Development
In recent years, several innovative approaches have been explored to change the game of drug discovery and development. Precompetitive public private partnerships, product development partnerships and strategic alliances between key-stakeholders have become an essential part of our innovation engine. What have we learned from all this and how can we further explore innovative ways of collaboration?

In this presentation, a number of successful approaches will be highlighted to provide insights to the incentives for, the results, and lessons learned of participating in new models of R&D.  Prime example is the European Lead Factory in which with initial co-funding by the European Union, a group of 30 partners, including SME’s, Pharma and academia, has created a collaborative drug discovery engine. By setting incentives aligned with the interests of the parties involved, as well as the wider European drug discovery community, a win-win situation is created engaging stakeholder to tackle the challenge in finding new potential drug candidates for Priority Medicines.


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