Pioneering medicine together: taking partnership to the next level

Lygature together with Health~Holland, Samenwerkende Gezondheidsfondsen, Vereniging Innovatieve Geneesmiddelen Nederland (Nefarma)

Innovation in health research depends increasingly on cooperative ventures between public organizations, authorities and private enterprises, in public-private partnerships (PPPs). The Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector is a frontrunner in this field. It includes a wide variety of PPPs that are collaborating closely and working together towards a national infrastructure for personalized medicine and health. The Netherlands is also well-represented in many international partnerships, where academic groups, SMEs and NGOs with Dutch roots play important roles.

Major benefits arise when taking such partnerships to the next level. During the plenary session, our expert panel will elaborate upon the future of partnerships and consider some key questions: how can we strengthen collaboration between pharma and medtech industry, academia and charities? What do we expect from each other, and how do we organize this? How can we increase the cohesion in the sector even further?

The plenary session will be valuable to a broad cross section of health professionals. Join the discussion on 15 November.


  • Paul Korte, Janssen, the Netherlands & Chairman Dutch Association Innovative Medicines
  • Hans Hofstraat, Vice President Philips Research
  • Marina Senten, Director Research & Healthcare, Dutch Heart Foundation & Board member Collaborating Health Foundations
  • Frank Miedema, Dean & vice-president of the Executive Board, University Medical Center Utrecht

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