Parallel session 15.00 - 16.30

Partnership Strategies towards Affordable Healthcare

Debate around the price of medicines is intense. The overall societal issue of how to keep healthcare affordable sometimes seems to focus solely on the costs of new drugs. Innovation in developing new therapies is often regarded as a driving force behind even higher prices. Sometimes it seems as if the end goal, namely finding ways to treat a certain disease and provide hope for patients, is completely overlooked.

At the same time, various initiatives and partnerships have been established over the past couple of years that directly or indirectly aim to find new (business) models that balance innovation and costs while developing new medicines.

This session will present an overview of the challenge at hand, focusing on medicines. In addition, various partnerships will be asked to pitch their own path towards finding a possible solution. The session will include a discussion allowing exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices, and, potentially, the identification of new strategies for affordable healthcare.

Speakers to be announced


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