Parallel session 10.00 - 12.00

Crossing borders: Moving Towards One Health

Bridging the gaps between human, animal, and environmental health sciences is a prerequisite for achieving the concept of “One Health”, a worldwide strategy to expand and implement interdisciplinary knowledge resulting in a healthier society. The goals of One Health are to increase the worldwide knowledgebase on prevention and surveillance of disease transmission and spread, merge medical and environmental research, facilitate and promote educational initiatives, develop cross-species diagnostic and treatment methods, and liaise with governments and policy makers to implement sustainable changes to our healthcare and ecosystem management.

In this session, we will cover emerging topics in the field of One Health, with a focus on the underlying collaborative efforts to be made in the years to come. We invite all stakeholders in this field to join the debate on barriers and opportunities for successful collaborations between academia, pharma, and governmental bodies, in order to tackle this worldwide effort jointly.


  • Freek van Muiswinkel, Director External Affairs Utrecht Life Sciences; Cluster manager Life Sciences & Health, Economic Board Utrecht
  • Wim van der Poel, Professor of Emerging and Zoonotic Viruses and Global One Health, Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, Department of Virology (Wageningen University and Research)
  • Constance Schultsz, Professor of Global Health, Department of Global Health-AIGHD and Department of Medical Microbiology (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Lucas Wiarda, Business Unit Director and Head of the Sustainable Antibiotics Program (DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals)


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