Parallel session 10.00 - 12.00

Addressing the Needs of Poverty-Related Disease patients: Global Partnerships with a “Dutch twist”

For many poverty-related disease (PRD) patients in low and middle-income countries, preventive or curative treatment for diseases such as schistosomiasis and tuberculosis remains absent and/or inaccessible. Even if therapy is available, timely treatment is often difficult, because sensitive, rapid and cost-effective diagnostic tools are sadly lacking. Partnerships, both public-private and public-public, have proved to be a key mechanism in developing and delivering the necessary interventions and diagnostic tools with the potential to reduce the global burden of PRDs, from the individual patient to the endemic country level. These so-called ‘product-development partnerships’ are complemented by specific partnerships that provide the necessary operational and modelling research to ensure the effectiveness and impact of these interventions.

This meeting will allow you to gain valuable insights into four of these global partnerships. Presented by Dutch partners, it provides an opportunity to learn more about their involvement and how they became part of these partnerships.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Remko van Leeuwen (AIGHD): HOOKVAC Consortium
  • Danielle Roordink (TBVI): Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative
  • Sake de Vlas (Erasmus University Medical Center): NTD Modelling Consortium
  • Remco de Vrueh (Lygature): Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium


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