Parallel session 15.00 - 16.30

Why, How and What you Win when you Involve Patients

There is a world to win when patients are engaged and involved in research projects and, besides that, every funder requires it. The problem? It’s easier said than done.

In this interactive workshop, we will discuss common questions such as: What is the benefit of involving patients? How do you recruit and approach them? What do you discuss with them, and how, and when? How can you arrive at a truly meaningful and valuable collaboration?

Representatives of Approach, an IMI project that efficiently created a Patient Council, will share how the Council has benefited the project. The most important do’s and don’ts will be presented.

Participants will also get the opportunity to discuss ideas, hurdles, and issues with patients, patient advocates, experienced researchers, experienced project managers, and patient organization representatives, in dedicated round table discussions.

“Researchers are now well aware that patients bring unique knowledge and skills to projects which can help to improve the quality of research. At IMI, we seek to encourage patient involvement in all our activities, and many projects already have patients on board.” (IMI)

Confirmed speakers:

  • Jane Taylor, Chair of the Patient Council in the IMI-APPROACH project
  • Harrie Weinans, PI of the IMI-APPROACH project
  • Annemiek van Rensen, Senior Advisor PGOsupport



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