Parallel session 14.30 - 16.15

The path to Open Science

Over the past years, policy makers from around the world have articulated a clear and consistent vision of global Open Science as a driver for enabling a new paradigm of transparent, data-driven research that will accelerate innovation. The rationale behind Open Science is multifold, but perhaps the most prominent argument is sociological: scientific knowledge is a product of social collaboration and public funding; its ownership therefore belongs to the community. From an economic point of view, scientific outputs generated by public research are a public good that everyone should be able to use at no cost and as soon as it is available.

In this session we will cover why it is important to move towards Open Science, what it still takes to get there - looking at the current, Dutch situation - and give practical examples of what is already being undertaken. The session will also include a presentation regarding the European Open Science Cloud program and how to align with that. The presentations will be concluded by a discussion on the topics presented.

Confirmed speaker

  • Prof. Dr. Frank Miedema, Open Science Ambassador, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • Judith Boer, Clinical Genomics Researcher at the Prinses Máxima Center for pediatric oncology