Parallel session 10.00 - 12.00

Personalized cell-based therapies and diagnostics: what will the future bring us, and what can we learn from the past?

Recent scientific innovations have led to the development of highly personalized medical solutions in which a patient’s own cells are used as a basis for personalized treatments and personalized diagnostics. These innovations hold the potential to transform the way in which diseases are treated and diagnosed. Providing remedies to conditions that currently go untreated and adapting treatment strategies to a highly individualized level.

However, these innovative therapies and diagnostic tools are complex, and fundamentally different from our "classical" ones. Consequently, we are faced with daunting scientific, regulatory, logistical, economic, and cultural obstacles, which need to be overcome to establish the use of patient cells as a widespread and viable medical solution.

If we want to get the most out of cell-based therapies and diagnostics, we need to identify and overcome the challenges that we currently face to safeguard successful implementation of these new medical solutions. At Lygature we believe that this can only be achieved in an integral approach with all stakeholders involved. In this session, we will discuss the potential and the challenges of innovative cell-based personalized therapies and diagnostics. Different stakeholders will share their past challenges, current practices and future visions.

Confirmed speaker

  • Karin Hoogendoorn MSc, Pharm D - Scientist ATMP product development at the Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
  • Markwin Velders, PhD, Vice President Operations & Managing Director, Kite EU B.V., a Gilead Company
  • Prof. Kors van der Ent, Professor in Paediatric Pulmonology and chair of the Child Health program at UMC Utrecht.
  • Pauline Meij, PhD, Head of Production ATMP/ Qualified Person ATMP at the Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands